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DC’s New Logo: Through a Glass Not So Snarkly

After only four years, DC Comics has changed its iconic logo. Or, more accurately, changed it back. Even if you’ve never read a comic book (we’ve been told that a few of you exist, though I’ve never met one myself), chances are you’ve seen the DC logo if you’ve caught… Read More

Geek Culture is a Global Phenomenon

In an interview with the Economic Times of India, Bonfire’s Steve Rotterdam offers insights into the growth of geek culture and its implications for brand marketers. Economic Times: The Rise of Geek Culture  

Marketing Shifts into Hyperdrive for Resurgent Star Wars

The Force is with us. Business News Network chats with Bonfire’s Ed Catto about – what else? – Star Wars. Marketing Forces Awaken for New Star Wars Movie

Fan Conventions on the Rise

Many brands have recognized – and capitalized on – the growing importance of Geek Culture within the broader mainstream. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than at gatherings that cater to the “superfan.”  Not too long ago, San Diego Comic-Con was the big daddy, far surpassing all other conventions in… Read More

Bonfire Agency to Explore “Brands Gone Geek” at San Diego Comic-Con

(July 17, 2014 – New York, NY) – Pop culture branding and marketing specialists Bonfire Agency announced today that their “Brands Gone Geek” panel will be staged at this year’s annual Comic-Con International: San Diego on Friday, July 25th from 4:00-5:00pm in Room 25ABC. Comprised of accomplished professionals and thought… Read More