Geeks Underestimated Again

How could this happen? How could the industry experts get it wrong… again?

We were a bit surprised to see that the new movie Underworld: Awakening surpassed expectations. This is the fourth movie in the vampire vs. werewolf series from Screen Gems, starring (for the most part) the lovely Kate Beckinsale. After Friday’s strong opening, industry analysts revised projections up to $24 million opening weekend. But in reality, the thriller ended up even higher; taking in $25.4 million. And that’s with a snowstorm in the Northeast.

Why was Hollywood surprised? Did they not yet understand the geek enthusiasm behind a property like this? Did they project their own “vampire fatigue” on this franchise and on moviegoers? Is it because they forgot that just because the mythology of three previous movies is difficult for them to keep track of, passionate fans just love that dense storytelling and world building?

We’re a bit surprised, but we are also pleased. Here’s to the geeks who are so often the driving engine behind pop culture! Hollywood sometimes still doesn’t take them seriously. Do you, and your brand, take them seriously yet?