Bonfire Agency

Bonfire Agency was created to help companies connect directly with highly passionate, intensely loyal and incredibly challenging consumers of pop culture – and to do so with relevance and authenticity, encouraging these influentials to embrace a brand message and help spread it outwards. As a full-service marketing agency, Bonfire develops strategies and fully integrated campaigns that tap into the heart of what these consumers care about. And because this is a marketplace that hungers for the “new” and respects risk-takers, it’s an environment within which brands can play and experiment; to do some of their edgiest work in trying to engage and enlist these consumers.

Over the last two decades, marketing has evolved from a broadcast mentality, pushing a message outwards to everyone, to a narrowcast reality, engaging individuals in ways that are meaningful to them. Not every company does this or does this well, of course, but you can see that the best in class want to talk to you and engage you in a conversation. And that’s not just a two-way conversation, but one that’s meant to radiate and be amplified by influencers and opinion makers.

The many fan communities – consumers of pop culture including comics, graphic novels, science fiction, action movies, manga, anime, pulps, toys, television, music and beyond – are very vocal. They invite, and often demand, that individuals weigh in and offer their thoughts and opinions. They’re extremely intelligent, very well read and hyper connected. They engage others online but also in person at conventions and on weekly pilgrimages to their neighborhood comic shops.

All this adds up to a group that is anxious to consume and enjoy media, primed to critically analyze and capable of sharing and discussing. The “geek culture” demographic, for lack of a better term, is a great place for marketers because not only are they wired to engage, but if marketers approach the opportunity with respect and creativity, they’ll be embraced and the impact of their efforts will be magnified.