Chris Boak

Strategic Partner, Innovation

Helped get an elephant “unstuck” from the mud during a shoot in Thailand.

Identified new business opportunities for media and creative agencies.

Landed new business. Over $100MM.

Run accounts big and small. Some of then were great clients and some were “challenging” clients.

Was a partner in a great new agency handling accounts and running new business.

Managed 22 direct reports on one of the largest financial service accounts.

Flew a UPS 757 flight simulator. Stuck the landing (the 2nd time).

Made pizza (Little Caesars), flipped hamburgers (Wendy’s), delivered pizzas (Little Caesars) and put on pantyhose (L’eggs).

Worked with the Rockettes. It was a kick.

Created fortune cookies for one pitch.

Hired a fortune teller to come to another new business pitch.

Delivered UPS packages for a day.

“Escorted” by the Naperville, IL police off the McDonald’s premises while shooting a video for another pitch.

Acted in 2 commercials (a very short career path).

Been mistaken for David Gregory, regularly.

Over the last 10 years I have concentrated on identifying and winning new accounts for both creative and media agencies. My approach is simple and starts with a series of simple questions.

The first question: Do we have the right to win this business?

Likes: Growing Businesses. Making the complex, simple.

Dislikes: Status Meetings and offsites.